Meet Our Team


Rodney Hopson

STEM and Culturally Responsive Evaluation (CRE)

Pipelines and pathways in broadening participation (BP)

Qualitative research, especially ethnography

Cherie Avent

Mixed methods and qualitative research

STEM education evaluation

Equity and justice oriented evaluation

Melissa Goodnight

Social justice theories in evaluation

Qualitative & mixed methods research design

Fieldwork in global south contexts

Graduate Students:

Molly Galloway

Evaluation and Measurement

Mass Incarceration

Inequities in Education

Sports for Development

Ramya Kumaran

Mixed Methods Evaluation and Research

Youth Participatory Methods and Evaluation Capacity Building

Oksana Poulis

Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research

Diversity in Education

Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

María B. Serrano Abreu

Antiracist and afrocentrated education

Decolonial methodologies

Qualitative research

Headwraps, racial identity and beauty standards

Ananya Tiwari

Culturally responsive pedagogy and evaluation

Socio emotional skills at the intersection of poverty and gender

Measuring skills across cultures

Mostafa Hanafy


Equity programs

Digital divide

Assessment for learning, student and teacher attitudes towards technology

Education reform in LMICs

Global education

Manuel Pérez-Troncoso

Global Studies in Education

Culturally Responsive Research and Evaluation

Educational Policies in Cultural Diversity linked to South-South Migration in the Latino American and Caribbean Regions

Katie Regelson

Mental health in evaluation and research

Mixed methods evaluation and research

STEM evaluation

Evaluation and measurement education

Larry Washington

Higher Education and Education policy

Retention and graduation research

Qualitative evaluation methods

STEM education

Past Faculty:

Jennifer Greene

Educational and social program evaluation theory and practice

Theory and practice of mixed methods approaches to social inquiry

Values in social science research and evaluation

Stafford Hood

Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment Strategies (U.S. & International)

African American evaluators during the Pre-Brown v. Board of Education Era

CRE of Broadening Participation in Computer Science and Information Technology

Past Students:

Andrea Kunze

Cognitive & Social Learning Practices and Processes

Mixed Methods in Research & Evaluation

Informal & Non-formal Learning Environments

Hannah Valdiviejas

Self-regulated learning

Culturally responsive evaluation and assessment

Online STEM education

Stereotype management and John Henryism

Quantitative and qualitative methods

Shelana Martin

Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching, and Agency

Identity Supportive Learning Technologies

STEM Education Research and evaluation

Evaluation of Informal Learning environments